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Endoscope Point of Use Pre-Cleaning

Endoscope cleaning begins immediately at the bedside and continues through transport with pre-cleaning solutions that prevent soils from drying while protecting devices from damage. Browse endoscope point of use treatment products, including solutions like PRE-KLENZ™ Soak Shield, which help loosen soils at the bedside and throughout transport.

Pre-cleaning kits provide a ready-to-use solution for bedside cleaning. STERIS’s single-use cleaning adapters flush endoscopes at the bedside to begin the cleaning process. Select a pre-cleaning solution below to learn more and request a quote. STERIS endoscope point of use processing products help you meet evolving standards and ease the cleaning process.

STERIS products and services are intended exclusively for Healthcare professionals only and are not available for purchase by consumers.

endoscope point of use treatment

PRE-KLENZ Soak Shield
PRE-KLENZ™ Soak Shield
  • Promotes effective device reprocessing of surgical, endoscopic, and robotic instruments through loosening of soils 
  • Pre-cleaning process from bedside to reprocessing 
  • Tip protection during transport for delicate devices 
Revital-Ox Bedside Complete Pre-Cleaning Kit
Revital-Ox™ Bedside Complete Pre-Cleaning Kit
  • Features: Enzymatic endoscope bedside pre-cleaning kit with a ready-to-use pre-diluted detergent and sponge 
  • Benefits: Pre-diluted enzymatic detergent eliminates the need to add water or dilute 
  • Size: Available in 215 mL and 500 mL pouches 
Revital-Ox Bedside Concentrate Pre-Cleaning Kit
Revital-Ox® Bedside Concentrate Pre-Cleaning Kit
  • Features: Just-add-water cleaning kit with pre-measured enzymatic detergent for bedside pre-cleaning 
  • Benefits: Includes a flat, crinkle system sponge which makes pre-cleaning larger medical devices easier 
  • Size: Consistent 500 mL solution with no dosing required 

single-use cleaning adapters

Bioguard air/water cleaning adapter – Olympus
BioGuard® Air/Water Cleaning Adapter – Olympus 
  • Disposable alternative option to manual reprocessing and the need to be tracked with a specific endoscope 
  • Offers a unique appearance and warning tag to prevent use during patient procedures 
  • Individually packaged to ensure use only during the bedside pre-cleaning process 
  • Compatible with Olympus GI endoscopes, excluding EUS echoendoscopes that utilize a balloon channel 
DEFENDO Single-Use Cleaning Adapter
DEFENDO™ Single-Use Cleaning Adapter
  • Provides an alternate option to tracking with a specific endoscope 
  • Promotes compliance with industry guidelines 
  • Conveniently packaged together with DEFENDO Procedural Valves