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Sterility Assurance and Monitoring

STERIS sterility assurance monitoring products provide the assurance you need to be confident in your sterilization processes. Whether using a steam, ethylene oxide (EO), or vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization process, STERIS's portfolio of sterility assurance products, including biological indicators, chemical indicators, Bowie-Dick test packs, and more, are designed to provide critical information about the sterilizer and the sterilization process.

STERIS products and services are intended exclusively for Healthcare professionals only and are not available for purchase by consumers.

product categories

  • Biological indicators
    • STERIS biological indicators are designed for use in steam or vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization processes
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  • Chemical indicators
    • Internal chemical indicator strips and challenge packs capture sterilization or disinfection parameter failures through immediate results, while external indicator tapes and labels provide confirmation that a pack has been exposed to the sterilization process and help distinguish between processed and unprocessed packs
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  • Daily air removal test/Bowie Dick test
    • Air Removal/Bowie-Dick Tests evaluate the performance of prevacuum sterilizers by confirming adequate air removal from the sterilizer chamber
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    • Sterilization tape is used during both steam and hydrogen peroxide sterilization methods to secure packaging for sterilization
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