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Surgical Booms

STERIS Surgical Booms – also known as medical booms or operating room (OR) booms – have a sleek and compact design, allowing the nurse line of sight to the sterile field and the surgeon unrestricted access to the patient. STERIS offers multiple hospital boom configurations and ceiling mount options for surgical suites and intensive care units (ICUs), including side-by-side or central tandem, straight drop units, and single or dual arm units to offer a fit for every room. Whether building a new OR, renovating an existing surgery suite, or replacing your current equipment management system, STERIS has the solution that gives you more room to operate.

STERIS products and services are intended exclusively for Healthcare professionals only and are not available for purchase by consumers.

Surgical boom accessories

Expansion modules and other available accessories such as clinical and equipment shelves, IV poles, and medical monitor arms allow the unit to grow as needs evolve. Blank plates enable you to add data, video integration, or other post-install items when you’re ready for them.
Surgical Booms
Monitor Arms
  • Variety of monitor arms for mounting surgical displays and patient monitoring devices to surgical booms
  • Allow for effortless lifting of heavy monitors due to spring force resistance
  • Function and design enable optimal color adjustment
  • Spacious cable ducts enable accommodation of up to seven data lines and power cables