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GI Procedure Products

As a leader in infection prevention and gastroenterology (GI) endoscopy accessories, STERIS understands the importance of promoting both patient and staff safety. Our extensive portfolio of disposable GI products offers an array of devices to address infection control concerns and support infection control guidelines for gastrointestinal surgery and endoscopy devices. We offer a variety of GI procedure products to fit your needs. Learn more about our portfolio for gastroenterology endoscopy below.

STERIS products and services are intended exclusively for Healthcare professionals only and are not available for purchase by consumers.

GI procedure products
DEFENDO™ Single-Use Valves
  • Offers compatibility with single-use replacement accessories for Olympus, FUFJIFILM and PENTAX endoscopes
  • Provides an alternate option to manual cleaning and reprocessing
  • Single-use design supports patient safety
  • Supports adherence to industry guidelines which require traceability with a specific endoscope
Bite Blocks
Bite Blocks
  • Our extensive line of bite blocks offers a variety of options in sizes, designs, and models to ensure the best for the patient and type of procedure
Keeper Device Clip
KEEPER™ Device Clip
  • Helps keep devices neatly coiled during endoscopic procedures
  • Secures the device catheter in between uses
  • Used during procedures that require multiple devices like Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
ENDO CARRY-ON Transport Pad
ENDO CARRY-ON™ Transport Pad
  • Absorbent padding entraps liquid and reduces leaking fluids during transport
  • Flexible drape converts from a table cover to a transport pad
  • Adhesive strip seals away contaminated endoscope
  • Reinforced handles to provide added strength when transporting endoscopes
BioShield Biopsy Valve
BIOSHIELD™ Biopsy Valve
  • Single-use biopsy valves that promote patient safety and support infection control guidelines
  • Provide an alternative to manual reprocessing
  • Offer compatibility with Olympus, Pentax and Fujifilm endoscopes
  • Available in sterile biopsy valve option for procedures when sterility is preferred
Single-use biopsy valve for Olympus.
DEFENDO™ Single-Use Biopsy Valves
  • Disposable design supports patient safety and industry guidelines
  • Offers compatibility with Olympus, Pentax and Fujifilm GI endoscopes
BioShield Irrigating Adaptor
BIOSHIELD™ Irrigating Adaptor
  • For use with BIOSHIELD Biopsy Valves, this adaptor maximizes direct, intraprocedural irrigation
BioShield Irrigator
BIOSHIELD™ Irrigator
  • Provides immediate, direct irrigation through the endoscopy biopsy channel
  • Allows clinicians to flush blood, exudate, and other debris out of the way anytime throughout a procedure – even with a device in place
  • Available for use with Olympus, Fujifilm (G5 series or newer) and Pentax gastrointestinal endoscopes
Single-use irrigation device
DEFENDO™ Single-Use Y-Opsy Irrigator
  • Sterile, single-use design provides an alternative option to manual cleaning and reprocessing
  • Allows clinicians to irrigate and use devices simultaneously
  • Offers compatibility with Olympus and Fujifilm endoscopes
  • Product Use: 24-hour disposable tubing that provides an alternative to reprocessing reusable water bottle systems
  • Key Benefit: Endoscope water bottle tubing allows clinicians to use either room air or CO2 insufflation
  • Compatibility: Olympus, Pentax, and FujiFilm endoscopes and FujiFilm 530 colonoscopes
ENDOGATOR Olympus connector
ENDOGATOR™ Connectors
  • Product Use: Single-use endoscopic accessory providing an alternative option to manual reprocessing
  • Key Benefit: Helps provide seamless integration with equipment along with a backflow valve and channel adapter
  • Compatibility: Olympus 160/180/190 series, Pentax series, and Fujifilm series endoscopes
  • Product Use: 24-hour disposable tubing that provides an alternative to manual cleaning and reprocessing of reusable tubing
  • Key Benefit: Works in conjunction with the ENDOGATOR Connectors, offering integration with a variety of irrigation pumps
  • Compatibility: Olympus OFP and Endostat II, ENDOGATOR™ Irrigation Pump, and ENDO STRATUS™ Irrigation Pump
Transport Pad
TAKE-OUT™ Transport Pad
  • The TAKE-OUT Transport Pad is designed to transport an endoscope to the reprocessing room after use