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Surgical Lights

STERIS's operating room lights deliver cool, bright white light keeping the OR staff comfortable under the most demanding conditions. The high-quality LED surgical lights provide natural color rendition, excellent shadow control, and deep-cavity illumination, helping you accurately and consistently assess and interpret tissue and vessel appearance. Multiple configurations are available for flexibility to meet operating room lighting requirements. Compare surgical light options below and request a quote or more information.

STERIS products and services are intended exclusively for Healthcare professionals only and are not available for purchase by consumers.

HarmonyAIR® A-Series Surgical Lighting System
HarmonyAIR® A-Series Surgical Lighting System
  • Maximum Central Illuminance: 160,000 lux
  • Expected Bulb Life: 60,000 hrs
  • Average Pattern Size: 16 cm to 30 cm
  • Features 4K and high-definition in-light cameras for sharp image captures
  • Laminar airflow design and up to 5+ years without the need to adjust the brakes on the system
XLED Surgical Lighting System
XLED Surgical Lighting System
  • Exclusive design: Fluid and open shape compatible with laminar flow
  • Deliver a high-quality illumination with Fixed or Adjustable colour temperature
  • Shadow reduction: the operating field remains evenly lit
  • Exclusive Wavelens system: simple and intuitive control to instantly adjust the pattern size by rotating the sterilisable handle
  • Ambient lighting as standard Ideal for minimally invasive surgery