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Manual Cleaning & Cleaning Verification

One of the most important steps in endoscope reprocessing is manual cleaning with sponges, detergents, and brushes. Our portfolio of products is designed to break down soils and protect the integrity of delicate devices.

SCOPE BUDDY PLUS Endoscope Flushing System for manual cleaning of endoscopes
SCOPE BUDDY™ PLUS Endoscope Flushing Aid
  • Consistent, hands-free endoscope flushing system replaces repetitive and labor-intensive syringing of channels
  • Validated 1:35 default flushing time to meet worst-case flushing times for OLYMPUS®, PENTAX®, and FUJIFILM™ endoscopes
  • 24-hour disposable tubing ensures new, clean tubing is used at the start of each day
VIA Lint-Free Compressed Sponge with dispenser
VIA® Lint-Free Compressed Sponge
  • Compressed endoscope sponge made of a durable lint-free material expands once exposed to water
  • Compact, free-standing dispenser designed for easy access
  • Supports point-of-use treatment or pre-cleaning during the manual cleaning process
Revital-Ox Enzymatic Sponge
Revital-Ox™ Enzymatic Sponge
  • Enzymatic pre-cleaning sponge designed to thoroughly clean crevasses of an endoscope
  • Reliable cleaning performance using pre-diluted enzymatic detergent
  • Helps prevent cross-contamination during endoscope cleaning with individually packaged sponges
Revital-Ox Enzymatic Detergents
Revital-Ox Enzymatic Detergents
  • The family of Revital-Ox™ Enzymatic Detergents is formulated for use in cleaning of flexible or rigid endoscopes, related accessories, ultrasound probes and other medical devices. All of our enzymatic detergents are low foaming, neutral pH, free rinsing, include biodegradable ingredients and are 2X concentrated so you use less.
Intercept Detergent
INTERCEPT™ Detergent
  • Surfactant-based detergent for manual or automated cleaning of endoscopes, surgical instruments, and accessories
  • Proven to provide removal of biological and organic soils found on instruments
  • Low-foaming and neutral pH formulation is tough on organic soils, while safe on instruments
DuoSwift Combination Squeegee Brush
DuoSwift Combination Squeegee Brush
  • The only combination squeegee brush available, the DuoSwift™ combination squeegee brush features a tapered nylon brush on the leading end and a series of squeegees on the trailing end to remove debris from flexible endoscopes.
Double Header Combination Cleaning Brush Endoscopy
Double-Header™ Combination Cleaning Brush – Endoscopy
  • The master of versatility, the Double-Header Cleaning Brush is the total solution for your scope cleaning needs. This popular all-in-one device features a channel brush at one end, and our premium valve/control head brush at the other.
Gemini Brush Double Ended Channel Brush
Gemini Brush Double-Ended Channel Brush
  • The Gemini Brush™ Double-Ended Brush features a standard size channel brush on both ends of our signature non-slip catheter.
Brosse de nettoyage des canaux Jumbo
Jumbo Channel Cleaning Brush
  • The Jumbo cleaning brush offers maximum cleaning for channels 2.8mm - 9.0mm
Revital-Ox Endoscopy Channel Cleaning Brushes
Revital-Ox Endoscopy Channel Cleaning Brushes
  • Single-use cleaning brushes to gently remove soils from flexible endoscope channels, accessories, and control heads
  • Non-abrasive nylon bristles support cleaning efforts while minimizing the potential for costly scratches
  • Fluorescent rounded tip increases brush visibility during reprocessing to aid in protecting flexible endoscopes during manual cleaning
Small Wonder Channel Cleaning Brush – Endoscopy
Small Wonder Channel Cleaning Brush – Endoscopy
  • Miniature endoscope cleaning brush for tiny channels of select bronchoscopes and the balloon channel of EUS scopes
Standard Channel Cleaning Brush
Standard Channel Cleaning Brush
  • Designed with a textured, non-slip catheter for maintaining your grip in a wet, soapy environment, the brush head features soft, specially designed nylon bristles to maximize cleaning efforts.
Valve/Control Head Cleaning Brush
Valve/Control Head Cleaning Brush
  • An enhanced brush featuring a full head of soft bristles to aid in removal of gross material from the control head and valve openings. Ridged "barbell" handle is designed with grooves for a comfortable, steady grip
Wooly Brush Channel Brush
Wooly Brush Channel Brush
  • The Wooly Brush® channel cleaning brush offers a long bristle head, maximizing cleaning ability by boosting the number of bristles sweeping the channel.
VERIFY RESI-TEST Cleaning Indicator
VERIFY® RESI-TEST™ Cleaning Indicators
  • Sensitivity exceeds current industry benchmark for protein
  • Quick cleaning verification results in 10 seconds
  • Easy-to-read color change test results