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Operating Room Storage Solutions

STERIS's extensive portfolio of Operating Room (OR) storage solutions, including stationary storage cabinets and mobile storage carts, is designed to provide instant access to surgical supplies and Operating Room equipment. STERIS's storage cabinets are available in dimensions and designs to meet every OR need and can be mounted either freestanding or recessed.


EVOLVE Modular Casework
EVOLVE Modular Casework
  • Modular design enables lower installation costs
  • Flexibility to reconfigure as needs for storage change
  • Base, tall, and upper cabinet configurations
  • Available in laminate, aluminum clad, and stainless steel materials
Miscellaneous Supply Cabinet
Miscellaneous Supply Cabinet
  • Stainless steel construction with twin tempered glass doors
  • Three adjustable shelves and a fixed bottom shelf to store surgical supplies
  • Can be combined with Table Accessory Cabinet, Misc. Supply Cabinet or Warming Cabinet to create the AMSCO OR Storage Console
AMSCO Operating Room Storage Console
AMSCO® Operating Room Storage Console
  • Modular designed component comprised of any one or combination of Misc. Supply Cabinet and/or AMSCO Warming Cabinet
  • Stainless steel construction and free-standing, recessed, or pass-thru installation


Mobile Cart for AMSCO Single Compartment Warming Cabinet
Mobile Cart for AMSCO® Single Compartment Warming Cabinet
  • Mobile cart designed specifically to hold 24" deep AMSCO® Single Compartment Warming Cabinet
  • Locking casters to ensure the warming cabinet stays in place
ROAM Mobile Supply Carts
ROAM Mobile Supply Carts
  • FlexCell design minimizes space between components for maximum storage capacity
  • Lightweight aluminum composite construction
  • Preconfigured by procedure type for easy selection
  • Concealed hinge design for ease of cleanability