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Endoscopy Equipment

STERIS can help simplify and standardize your small capital with our full portfolios of innovative endoscopy equipment that improve daily patient care. From CO2 Insufflation to irrigation, we continuously develop endoscopy devices, small capital equipment, and novel technologies to help clinicians provide the best treatment possible. Click below to learn more about our innovative portfolio of medical endoscopy equipment.


  • ENDO STRATUS Irrigation Pump
    • Irrigation pumps can be combined with GI endoscopes to help deliver irrigation during endoscopic procedures. The ENDO STRATUS™ Irrigation Pump offers foot pedal control to provide consistent flow rates during procedures
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  • ENDO STRATUS CO2 Insufflator
    • Using carbon dioxide (CO2) insufflator equipment versus room air for gastrointestinal endoscopy is becoming standard practice. Not only does CO2 insufflation effectively distend the working area for better visibility and access to the inside lining of the digestive tract, it can also help minimize patient discomfort
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