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Surgical Table Accessories

STERIS surgical table accessories and support systems provide complete flexibility and versatility for patient positioning with excellent radiolucency and higher patient weight capacities. OR table accessories help provide surgical teams with increased productivity and ideal surgical site access while promoting patient safety. Convenient storage solutions for surgical accessories are also available to help promote organization and protect accessories.

Surgical Table Arm Supports
Arm Supports
Surgical Table Body Restraints
Body Restraints
Clamps and Sockets
Clamps & Sockets
Disposable Surgical Accessories
Disposable Surgical Accessories
Gel Patient Positioners
Gel Patient Positioners
Surgical Table Head Rests
Head Rests
Leg Supports and Medical Stirrups
Leg Supports
Pressure Management
Pressure Management
Accessory Carts
Surgical Table Accessory Carts
Table Operating Controls
Table Operating Controls
Surgical Table Pads
Tabletop Pads
X-Ray Accessories for Surgical Tables
X-ray Tops