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Record Keeping and Labeling

Envelopes, forms, record cards and labels to quickly document common sterilization, high level disinfection, and cleaning processes.

Biological Indicator Log Form
Biological Indicator Log Forms
  • Document Biological indicator results for steam, ethylene oxide, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, and gas plasma sterilization
  • Standardize your VERIFY Dual Species Biological Indicator, test packs, and V24 Biological Indicator sterilization record-keeping
Cycle Log Forms
Cycle Log Forms
  • Simplifies cycle documentation
  • Log forms document pertinent cycle information for cleaning, sterilization, liquid chemical sterilization, and high level disinfection processing
  • Assists in compliance with AAMI, AORN and other national standard's documentation requirements
Dispenser Labels
Dispenser Labels
  • Color-coded load labels Preprinted with "LOAD NUMBER"
  • Two options: one for indefinite shelf and a second for assigning expiration dating
Load Record Cards
Load Record Cards
  • Record load information and sterilizer content
  • Record cards have chemical indicators for steam, ethylene oxide (EO) or vaporized hydrogen peroxide
Sterilization Binder
Sterilization Binder
  • 3-ring binder holds sterilization record forms for quick access
VERDOC Sterilization Record Envelopes
VERDOC™ Sterilization Record Envelopes
  • Sterilization documentation is made simple with VERDOC Sterilization Record Envelopes
  • Each envelope easily stores cycle documentation, cycle printouts and identifies load contents
Celerity Vaporized VH2O2 Process Indicator Adhesive Label
Celerity™ Vaporized VH2O2 Process Indicator Adhesive Label
  • Adheres to wraps, trays, or pouches and shows at a glance if the item has been processed
  • For use in both V-PRO® Low Temperature Sterilization Systems and STERRAD Models*
  • Validated Type 1 process indicator and sterilization label for vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization

* As of 4/1/19 the Celerity HP Chemical Indicator has been validated for use in all cycles on the STERRAD 100NX, STERRAD NX and STERRAD 100S Sterilizers. STERRAD® is the registered trademark of Advanced Sterilization Products.