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Sterilization Tape

Sterilization indicator tape is used during both steam and hydrogen peroxide sterilization methods to secure packaging for sterilization and indicate exposure to the sterilization process. STERIS’s autoclave tape and VH2O2 tape options are designed to be easily interpreted with color-changing indicator ink to help staff quickly identify processed packs. The VERIFY® Steam Indicator Tape is validated for select gravity and prevacuum steam sterilization cycles*, while VERIFY® VH2O2 Indicator Tape is designed for use with V-PRO® Low Temperature Sterilization Systems and STERRAD®** Models.*

Diagonal green strips of chemical indicator ink on VERIFY Steam Indicator tape.
VERIFY® STEAM Indicator Tape
  • Type 1 process indicator tape for steam sterilization
  • Validated cycles include: 250°F (121°C) gravity, 270°F (132°C) prevacuum, and 275°F (135°C) prevacuum
  • Key features: Color-changing sterilization tape provides immediate identification that items were exposed to a steam cycle
VERIFY VH2O2 Indicator Tape
VERIFY® VH2O2 Indicator Tape
  • Type 1 process indicator tape for hydrogen peroxide sterilization
  • Validated cycles: For use with V-PRO® Low Temperature Sterilization Systems and STERRAD Models*
  • Key features: Color changing ink provides immediate identification of processed packs

*Refer to product’s Instructions for Use

**STERRAD is a trademark of ASP Global Manufacturing GmbH.