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Surgical Light Accessories

STERIS surgical light accessories are designed for use with STERIS surgical lights and medical examination lights. Surgical light handles and light handle covers offer sterile surgeon control of light intensity and positioning, while video connectivity systems provide power and video signal connections from a flexible arm attached to STERIS LED surgical lights.

Surgical Light Handles
Surgical Light Handles
  • Provide sterile surgeon control of the surgical light intensity, pattern, power, and positioning
  • Available in various disposable and reusable options
  • Surgical light controls can power on and power off up to four separate light heads
Surgical Light Handle Covers
Surgical Light Handle Covers
  • Disposable surgical light handle covers for use with surgical light handles
  • Surgical camera covers for use with in-light cameras
  • Offer sterile surgeon control of the surgical light when securely attached to surgical light handles
  • Universal surgical light handle cover is compatible with most surgical lights with a universal light handle adapter