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Enteroscopy and Capsule Endoscopy Delivery Devices

Enteroscopy procedures are performed to find and treat problems within the digestive system. These types of procedures include capsule endoscopy, which records internal images of the gastrointestinal tract for use in medical diagnosis. Capsule endoscopy utilizes a small capsule containing a camera to capture these images during the procedure. STERIS continues to address an unmet need in the marketplace by offering a full line of single-use capsule endoscopy products, enteroscopy devices, and accessories specifically designed for enteroscopy and capsule endoscopy procedures.

Advance delivery device
ADVANCE™ Endoscope Delivery Device
  • Facilitates endoscopic placement of video capsules into the stomach or duodenum
  • Minimizes risk of stalled capsule in esophagus or stomach, related to anatomical or motility disorders
  • Specialized capsule cup design promotes atraumatic esophageal and duodenal intubation
  • Features a clear capsule cup base that allows for confirmation of capsule deployment
ARTICULATOR™ Injection Needle
ARTICULATOR™ Injection Needle
  • Luer-lock, spring-loaded handle that helps promote maximum needle projection while protecting against scope damage and inadvertent needle sticks
  • Kink resistant, stainless steel sheath to pass smoothly and perform in articulated endoscopes
  • Stainless steel hub to help ensure the needle does not penetrate through the side of the catheter during deployment
BIOSHIELD™ Biopsy Valve
BIOSHIELD™ Biopsy Valve
  • Single-use biopsy valves that promote patient safety and support infection control guidelines
  • Provide an alternative to manual reprocessing
  • Offer compatibility with Olympus, PENTAX and FUJIFILM endoscopes
  • Available in sterile biopsy valve option for procedures when sterility is preferred
 BIOSHIELD™ Irrigator
BIOSHIELD™ Irrigator
  • Provides direct irrigation through the endoscopy biopsy channel
  • Allows clinicians to flush blood, exudate, and other debris out of the way anytime throughout a procedure – even with a device in place
  • Available for use with Olympus, Fujifilm (G5 series or newer) and Pentax gastrointestinal endoscopes
ROTH NET™ Retriever - Enteroscope
ROTH NET™ Retriever - Enteroscope
  • Enteroscopy removal device includes transparent net material allowing for visibility throughout procedures
  • Enteroscopic retriever is available in 3 x 6cm size and 350cm length for small bowel retrieval