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Washing and Decontamination Systems

The high demands of Central Sterile Service Department (CSSD) in hospitals call for efficient, high capacity washing and decontamination systems for medical devices. Our full line of washing and decontamination systems includes Hospital washer/disinfectors, Large ultrasonic cleaners and Hospital cart washers.

STERIS washer/disinfectors offer fast cycle times with low water consumption, allowing your facility to run efficiently while increasing throughput, reducing backlog, and improving workflow. Our large ultrasonic cleaners and reprocessing sinks help you clean surgical instruments at a higher capacity. Pair our high throughput washing and decontamination systems with Prolystica Instrument Cleaning Chemistries to maximize cleaning and cleaning speed in your growing department.

product categories

  • Washer Disinfectors
    • The increased reprocessing needs of your healthcare facility call for a washer/disinfector designed to support your throughput needs. Our range of small, medium, and large washer/disinfectors lets you determine the right solution for your facility. 
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  •  Ultrasonic Washers - Large Ultrasonic Cleaners
    • Reprocess various surgical instruments from delicate ophthalmic and laparoscopic to heavy orthopedic instruments in our portfolio of large capacity and table top ultrasonic instrument cleaners
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  • Hospital Cart and Utensil Washers
    • Choose between high-capacity medical device processing cart washers or maximize throughput in a minimum footprint for space constrained CSSDs
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