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Endoscope Reprocessing

STERIS offers a complete solution to support your endoscopy suite, helping you through every step of the processing cycle starting at the bedside, through cleaning, to high level disinfection, and compliant scope storage and transport solutions. Our products make it easy for you to quickly process your endoscopes, increasing throughput while maintaining the highest level of patient care and compliance to standards and guidelines.


  • Endoscope Point-of-Use Treatment
    • Bedside Point-of-Use Treatment products prevent drying of hard-to-clean soils on endoscopes at the point of use, making them easier to clean during processing.
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  • Manual Cleaning
    • One of the most important steps in endoscope reprocessing is manual cleaning with sponges, detergents, and brushes. Our portfolio of products is designed to break down soils and protect the integrity of delicate devices
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  • High Level Disinfection
    • Automated endoscope reprocessors, and manual soaking high-level disinfection solutions are available to provide you with flexible HLD products
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  • Endoscope Transport and Storage Cabinets
    • Help keep patients safe by eliminating contamination touchpoints while meeting evolving guidelines for endoscope drying, storage, and transport 
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Mobile Decontamination Units
Mobile Decontamination Unit
  • We are working in partnership with EMS Healthcare to offer the UK’s first mobile decontamination unit for endoscope reprocessing, Quest+. The single trailer solution is designed in accordance with JAG guidelines with separate clean and dirty areas and is fully equipped with the highest spec reprocessing equipment, giving you continuity of service during departmental refurbishment, equipment replacement, or disaster recovery.