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WE HELP OUR CUSTOMERS CREATE A HEALTHIER AND SAFER WORLD by providing innovative products and services around the world. Inspired by our Customers’ efforts to create a healthier and safer world, and guided by our legacy of leadership and innovation, we strive to be a great Company. To STERIS, this means we make a difference by providing world-class products and services for our Customers and, safe and rewarding work for our People, Sustainability is built into the fabric of our organisation in our efforts to fulfil our Mission.

Environmental Stewardship

continually Pursuing sustainable strategies across the steris range of products and services

Across the STERIS range of products and services we continually pursue sustainable strategies that enable our Customers to reduce their environmental footprint. We combine lean concepts and a mindset of continuous improvement to drive our focus on improving efficiency across our global operations, reducing waste and energy consumption.  

Learn about environmental stewardship goals at STERIS

STERIS recognises the need to address climate change and continually works towards improvements in the efficiency of our UK and global operations. To demonstrate awareness of climate change impacts, STERIS tracks greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and, at the request of some of our stakeholders, we complete the annual Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) questionnaire. 

Combined with or global disclosures, STERIS Healthcare UK, made up of ‘STERIS Solutions Ltd’, ‘Synergy Health UK Ltd’ and ‘STERIS IMS Ltd’ disclose their Greenhouse Gas Emission (GHG) annually to comply with NHS Net Zero commitments via a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP). The CRPs align with the National Health Service’s (NHS) expectation for suppliers to reach net zero by 2045.

people and communities

STERIS has a history of making positive commitments that make a difference to the communities where we live and work. At STERIS Healthcare UK, we focus on local community projects through our employer sponsored volunteering programme which focus on improving health outcomes and community regeneration for all citizens.  We also provide meaningful careers with a focus on learning and development, and we regularly provide associate programmes which are guided by our UK Wellbeing and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion forum groups.

STERIS volunteer fixing a fence
Graduation day at STERIS
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STERIS Careers
STERIS Careers - Female Hospital Worker


STERIS IMS Limited Carbon Reduction Plan

Carbon Reduction Plan - STERIS IMS Ltd.

STERIS Carbon Reduction Plan

Carbon Reduction Plan - STERIS Solutions Ltd.

STERIS Carbon Reduction Plan - Synergy Health (UK) Limited

Carbon Reduction Plan - Synergy Health UK Ltd.