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Polypectomy and Tissue Acquisition Devices

Polypectomy procedures are conducted by gastroenterologists as well as colorectal surgeons and are typically minimally invasive procedures used to remove polyps from inside the colon. Endoscopic tissue acquisition is commonly performed with polypectomy devices such as snares, retrieval nets, and polyp traps. STERIS offers an extensive line of endoscopic tissue acquisition and polypectomy devices, including snares and ROTH NET™ Retrievers. From the dynamic COINTIP™ Snare supporting hot and cold cutting capabilities to our clinically proven EXACTO™ Cold Snare, we offer a product to accommodate various needs.

Polypectomy Snares

EXACTO™ Cold Snare
  • Features a shield shape design that maximizes its width for control and placement during cold snare polypectomy
  • Offers a stiff catheter that aids in placement, supports tissue transection, and decreases buckling
  • Provides a balance between stiffness and flexibility due to its thin, seven braided wire configuration
  • Reduces polyp “fly away” from the resection site, making it possible to collect specimens for pathology
CoinTip Snare
  • Features a thin distal tip for precise hot and cold polyp removal capabilities
  • Double catheter supports force transfer during tissue resection
  • Offers three shapes (deltoid, hexagonal, and diamond) and multiple size options (20mm, 10mm, and 6mm in width) to resect various types and sizes of polyps
Lariat Snare
  • Features three distinct shapes and snare loop sizes reducing the need to exchange snares
  • Offers versatility during cases with large polyps, multiple polyps, and polyps of varying types and sizes
  • Maintains its shape and integrity after numerous resections
Histolock Resection Device
HISTOLOCK™ Resection Device
  • Features a stiff twisted, monofilament snare wire that helps to recruit and resect flat tissue while lying flat on mucosa
  • Offers a 14mm snare size for maneuverability and precise placement around lesions
Lariat Snare
ISNARE™ System - LARIAT™ Snare
  • Features an alternating injection needle and snare operated by a multi-functional handle
  • Offers three distinct sizes and shapes in one device helping to address a variety of resection needs
  • Maintains its shape and integrity after multiple passes and anchors into tissue to capture lesion
Polypectomy Snares
Polypectomy Snares
  • Available in oval and hexagonal snare loops
  • Braided wire snare loop that is opened over the polyp and then closed to capture and remove the target polyp tissue

Tissue Removal Devices

ROTH NET™ Retrieval Devices
ROTH NET™ Retrieval Devices
  • From capturing large polyps to securing multiple small polyps or polyp fragments, the ROTH NET Retriever is a tissue specimen retrieval product you can count on during flexible and rigid endoscopy procedures
HISTOBITE™ Disposable Biopsy Forceps
HISTOBITE™ Disposable Biopsy Forceps
  • Available in a variety of jaw designs - with or without needle and serrated or plain cups
  • Provides distinct catheter and position markers for visibility during insertion and withdrawal
  • Large jaw configuration opens over 90 degrees for tissue sampling
  • Features a swinging jaw design to allow pivoting onto the targeted biopsy site
BIOBITE biopsy forceps
BIOBITE™ biopsy forceps
  • Optional Channel Guard low friction sheath
  • Spiked and non-spiked versions available
  • Hot biopsy forceps available

Polypectomy Procedural Accessories

eTrap Polyp Trap
ETRAP™ Polyp Trap
  • Includes two removable strainer trays that support little or no biomaterial exposure
  • Offers ability to collect multiple polyps with uninterrupted suction
  • Features a magnifying window that allows for direct visualization of the collected specimen
Quick Catch In-Line Suction Polyp Trap
QUICK CATCH™ In-Line Suction Polyp Trap
  • The QUICK CATCH In-Line Suction Polyp trap allows for in-line installation and features clear plastic construction allowing for visual verification of polyp specimens
Suction Polyp Trap
  • Provides four capture chambers with large numbering to aid in accurate identification and localization of collected specimen
  • Includes a rotatable lid to allow for efficient polyp retrieval during procedures
  • Designed to filter specimens helping to minimize time and exposure to bodily fluids
  • Features a clear chamber design to allow for visual verification of polyp collection
Baleen Polyp Trap
BALEEN™ Polyp Trap
  • Polyp trap netting is made of a sturdy, durable material that helps to resist tearing
  • Compact design helps minimize storage space and is an economical option
  • Facilitates user safety by eliminating the need for hand screening for tissue samples in collected endoscopic effluent
Reveal Distal Attachment Cap
REVEAL™ Distal Attachment Cap
  • Helps avoid “red out” by maintaining constant distance between the endoscope and mucosa
  • Aids in maneuvering through difficult turns in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Can be used in conjunction with accessories such as snares or needles
EVERLIFT Submucosal Lifting Agent
EVERLIFT™ Submucosal Lifting Agent
  • The EVERLIFT Submucosal Lifting Agent is used to lift polyps, adenomas, early-stage cancers and other gastrointestinal lesions prior to excision
  • Margin delineation with darker color
  • Cellulose-based and hypertonic
  • Slower rate of absorption into the body due to water-retaining properties
SPOT Endoscopic Marker
SPOT™ Endoscopic Marker
  • By tattooing lesions with dark, permanent endoscopic tattoos, localization in colon resection surgery or post-polypectomy or follow-up colonoscopy can be fast and easy
Indigo Carmine
Indigo Carmine
  • Indigo Carmine highlights mucosal anomalies and identifies the tumour margins when the limits are not clearly visible
Disposable Spray Catheter
Disposable Spray Catheter
  • Designed for the spraying of the mucous membranes during endoscopic examination
  • Designed for use with diluted Indigo Carmine during IBD surveillance
  • Designed for the use of Iodine during Barrett’s surveillance

Cytology Brushes

Cytology Brushes
Cytology Brushes
  • U-shaped style cytology brush with handle and metal ball head
  • Single-use option featuring 3,0mm brush diameter