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Modern Operating Room Environment

The modern Operating Room is a fast-paced, demanding environment where each second counts. Having the right solutions delivered seamlessly in an ideal clinical environment allows staff to focus on providing uncompromised patient care. STERIS’s modern OR solutions help to create an environment of care that emphasizes patient and staff safety, with the benefits of cost- and energy-efficient installation for the hospital facility.

Enhance your OR with the strength and beauty of ultra-durable, easily cleanable MEDglas Prefabricated OR Walls.

MEDglas™ Prefabricated OR Walls
MEDglas™ Prefabricated OR Walls
  • Specially tempered security glass combines beauty, strength and ultra-durability, and cleanability
  • Prefabricated modular glass wall system is customizable with a wide range of colors, patterns, images, and lighting options
  • Easy-to-clean operating room walls able to withstand most disinfecting agents offering a better solution than site-built drywall
  • Glass operating room walls won't dent or show signs of aging or yellowing and are more scratch-resistant than stainless steel