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Operating Room Integration Systems

Modern Operating Rooms (OR) continue to grow in complexity as new devices, processes, surgical technologies, communication methods and the need for real-time patient data enter the clinical environment. Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers must also adapt to emerging guidance to limit exposure to infectious diseases without compromising patient care or staff safety.

STERIS Operating Room Integration Systems, including the HexaVue Integration System, are designed to improve OR workflows by putting the information you need at your fingertips, allow OR staff to remotely collaborate with peers through 4K display technology during surgical procedures, and minimize traffic in the OR, reduce trip hazards, increase clinical team safety, and conserve personal protective equipment (PPE).


HexaVue™ Integration System
HexaVue™ Integration System
  • Operating Room integration system designed to empower and connect all roles within and around the OR
  • Uncompromised 4K visualization and image capture
  • Connects seamlessly to endoscopes from any manufacturer
  • Located outside of the OR for easy access and maintenance
HV1000 Video Switch
HV1000 Video Switch
  • A simplified, easy-to-use solution for HD and 4K video routing
  • Compatible with your preferred devices
  • Designed for the demanding Operating Room (OR)
  • Single control unit that is compact for easy placement within the OR


4K Arm Camera
4K Arm Camera
  • Presents vivid, detailed video from the surgical field at 4K 60p resolution
  • Offers pan-tilt-zoom control, 30x optical zoom, and smooth positioning
  • Controlled using a compact CCU “Camera Control Unit” or the Handheld Remote Control
  • Can be mounted to the HarmonyAir M-, E- and A-Series Surgical Lighting Systems
FREE5® Camera System
FREE5® Camera System
  • The HD FREE5 Camera System allows surgeons to view and record the surgical site from virtually any orientation or angle