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Sterilization Pouches, Packaging and Trays

STERIS Sterile Barrier Systems offer a wide range of pouch, reel and wrap packaging material to meet your terminal sterilization process requirements.

Sterilization High and Low Temp Pouch and Tubing
Sterilization High and Low Temp Pouch and Tubing
  • Available in various sizes and materials, including paper or Tyvek® reels, pouches, gusseted pouches, and self-seal options.
PRO-LITE™ Sterilization Trays
  • Optimize V-PRO™ Sterilizer chamber space
  • Up to 11.3 kg weight capacity per surgical instrument tray
  • Ideal for preparation in limited space with new pouching options
Sterilization Wrap
Sterilization Wrap
  • Strong and flexible - Two outer layers with the two inner layers ensures a high tearing strength
  • Excellent liquid repellency preventing migration of bacteria
  • Lint free - designed to minimise exposure of instruments to dust and particles