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Surgical Tables

STERIS manufactures a wide range of operating tables covering all surgical applications, with particular attention to usability and versatility of the product. STERIS surgical tables are designed to support all surgical, MIS, and robotic procedures, including cardiothoracic, endovascular, bariatric, robotic, ENT/ophthalmology, orthopaedic, gynecologic/obstetric, as well as urology/kidney procedures by utilising a wide range of extensions and speciality accessories.

General Surgical table

CMAX™ 3 surgical table
CMAX™ 3 Surgical Table
  • Universal multi-speciality surgical table
  • Extra-low intervention positioning of 58cm without sacrificing the maximum height of 110cm (dual telescopic column)
  • Interchangeable headrests and leg extensions
  • Electrical emergency backup system for all table movements
  • 454mm tabletop slide for extreme positioning and imaging access
KERNA™ General Surgical Table

KERNA™ General Surgical Table

  • Simple and ergonomic standard hand control providing direct access to all movements
  • Designed to allow unimpeded C-arm access during surgery
  • Extensive range of extensions and accessories
  • The tabletop design allows exceptional clearance for imaging
  • Reduced base size maintaining stability to facilitate access to surgical teams
STERIS 4095 General Surgical Table
STERIS® 4095 General Surgical Table
  • Optional, Integrated STERIS Patient Warming System warms patients before, during or after the procedure
  • Large imaging window of 2.18m allows for easy C-arm access
  • Dual-articulating headrest enables more versatile positioning for anesthesia care providers
  • Flush side rail design eliminates exposed screws where microbes and bioburden can reside
STERIS 5095 General Surgical Table
STERIS® 5095 General Surgical Table
  • Versatile general surgical table designed to accommodate virtually all patients with generous weight and height ranges
  • Provides exceptionally low height (579mm) for MIS, robotic, and bariatric techniques without sacrificing the high height needed for orthopedic and cardiac procedures
  • New features include optional integrated warming mattress pads, improved Hand Control, and Dual-Articulating Headrest to expand patient positioning capability


CMAX™ 3-Drive surgical table
CMAX™ 3-Drive
  • Continuously varying speed (not stepped changes) adjustment, allowing smooth transitions without jerking
  • Easy and intuitive control
  • Forward / reverse drive switch
  • Direct access to the table position settings via the remote control integrated on the handle


CMAX™ X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table
CMAX™ X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table
  • Large, unobstructed, 360° radiolucent imaging surface
  • Intuitive wireless control via Bluetooth-capable joystick control
  • Free-floating carbon fibre tabletop allows smooth, precise movements for fluoroscopy
  • Weight capacity up to 230 kg (507 lbs) accommodates a growing patient population
  • Powered transfer function


STERIS OT 1000 Series Orthopedic Surgical Table
STERIS® OT 1000 Series Orthopaedic Surgical Table
  • Available OT 1000, OT 1100, and OT 1200 models
  • Position the patient with improved safety and confidence
  • Performs a variety of orthopaedic procedures, including trauma and anterior approach total hip arthroplasty and arthroscopic procedures
  • Designed to optimize orthopaedic patient positioning and imaging